Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wow, so I'm not dead.  I've just been extremely busy.  However, if you're interested in more spanking fun, I'll soon be opening my new website  It will feature free spanking galleries and lots of spanking stories.  So keep an eye out for more updates.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good Topping: The Importance Limits

Princess Kelley had a post awhile ago on her spanking limits spanking limits.  So first, I have to confess that I have a spanking crush on Kelley.  I've been reading her blog for awhile and I like what she has to say, as well as liking her spanking videos.  So with that out of the way, it's an important post and I know she got flak for it.  I absolutely agree with her purpose.

I like a bottom that expresses her limits up front, because then I can build a scene around them.  I also like a bottom that respects my limits, i.e. I won't draw blood with my spanking.  My style is more of an erotic spanking in a domestic or school theme that's based on the idea of correcting naughty behavior, more of a "daddy" or a "lover," than a master.  If a bottom is looking for more hardcore humiliation, that's fine, but we're not compatible. 

From my perspective, the tops and the bottoms are equal partners in the spanking play.  Obviously, nobody likes someone who tops from the bottom or who can't stop interrupting a session; but, the top and the bottom are still equal partners.  A bottom has to feel safe with the top.   Part of the erotic charge for most bottoms is giving up control and being punished by another person.  Part of the safe, sane, and consensual kink scene is that you know that there's a stopping point.  This is what I mean by equal partners.  The top must be aware of and respect the bottoms limits.  A top should not put a bottom in a place where they feel like they are in danger of injury, excess pain, or sexual assault.  Even if a bottom is into a more "no limits" play, there is always an implicit or an explicit very outer limit, i.e. no sex, no suffocation, etc.

It's the bottom's job to express her limits and the top's job to respect those limits.  That's why I like Kelley's post.  Those are her limits.  Some tops are turned off if there isn't sex at the end or the bottom limits the implements or amount of marking.  If a top and a bottom's limits are so far apart they can't agree, then they aren't compatible.

In the kink world, particularly spanking, there is the infliction of pain and the "infliction of pain."  I almost always top, but I've also bottomed. I don't think there is a bottom out there who doesn't want the satisfying sting, the throbbing, and feeling of a spanking. Some bottoms don't want to go further than a short paddling and many tops don't mind stopping with that. There are also bottoms and tops that get into the more extreme punishments, prolonged flogging or caning, leaving lasting marks, drawing blood, or adding penetration to the scene.  Whatever the fantasy, the bottom must consent.  If the top goes beyond the consent, it's assault.

I have a problem with tops who are genuinely cruel; and, they are out there.  For instance a top that consciously ignores limits and pushes the bottom to a point where she is beyond her limits and is actually scared that something really bad is going to happen to her.  Don't get me wrong, I've hand out some harsh punishments with paddles, canes, and my favorite spanking belt; but, I want the bottom to be in a good place during and after the scene.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spanking and Ginger - The Fine and Applied Art of Figging

Figging, it's something I've never tried but that has always intrigued me.

Two of my favorite spanking stories of all time, involve a ginger suppository.  The first is from Laura's spanking corner and is entitled The Prom.  The second is by Master Chris is about lovely Jennifer who finds herself spanked for smoking.

Each feature a young lady who finds herself panties down for a spanking, but before the fun begins when a ginger suppository is inserted deep into her rectum.  In effect, her bottom will be burning from the inside and the out.

In the first story, The Prom, it's basically figging.  The only difference is that instead of making a ginger butt plug, the ginger root is wrapped with string and then inserted all the way into our heroine's bottom.  This seems somewhat dangerous, as ginger root is not all that strong.  It seems like the string would pull the ginger in two as it was being pulled back out.  This also seems to be the problem with figging, i.e. the post spanking trip to the ER for ginger removal.  Figging, or tying a string to it and shoving it all the way up there, seem like a recipe for disaster.

Turning to the second story, spanked for smoking, it's actually gelatin capsule filled with ginger.  I'd prefer this to figging.  Whenever you stuck something hard up someone's ass, there's a chance that you won't get it back.  This is because the anal sphincter's muscle tension is directed slightly inward, basically to make a good seal.  Anything that goes up someone's butt should have a flanged base, like a butt plug, otherwise an ER doctor will be retrieving that dildo.

This may just be my preference, but I don't want something sticking out of a spankee's bottom.  I don't want to have to spank around something.  I worry that if I hit the ginger fig by accident, it would either break off or go all the way in.

Besides, it seems like you would get a nice deep burn with a ginger capsule.  Just imagine your darling's upturned bottom across your lap, you slip on a glove, make sure she hears the snap, then get plenty of lube to get it in and to help it dissolve, and slide the capsule deep inside her.  It's deep enough when the index finger is in past the second knuckle.  While you are warming her bottom up with rubbing and starter spanks, the capsule will be dissolving.  In a minute or two, you'll start to see the effects.

Before the Ball (A Story With Pictures)

A shorter story inspired by a picture I found online.

A Reminder That Nice Girls Don't Get Drunk at Parties
Tara was rushing around the house.  She and her husband, Tom, were going to a black tie benefit for the local theater.  She had to finish her makeup, find her earrings, and get out the door in ten minutes.  Tom was already dressed and waiting downstairs in the living room.  This was a big deal for Tom, because his family was sponsoring the benefit.

Finally, she was ready and went downstairs.  She was wearing a dark blue evening gown and heels purchased just for the occasion.  Tom was waiting for her in his tux, cut to emphasize his broad shoulders and powerful chest.  He was 12 years older than Tara.  They met when she was 20 years old and still in college.  She saw him for the first time at a homecoming event; they were were six months later.  Now she was 22 and they had been married for a year and a half.

Tom was very traditional.  She loved this about him, but it also meant that he had very specific expectations for her.  Before their wedding he had explained domestic discipline to her and asked if she consented to being subject to his discipline.  She had thought about it for some time, but deep down she knew it was right.  Her first spanking came on their wedding night.  She hadn't done anything, yet, instead it was her introduction to loving discipline through spanking.  It was her first, but not her last, spanking.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Favorite View

I couldn't resist, when I saw this picture.  An upturned bottom, lingerie, and the beginning of a nice red glow.

The Wrong Outfit: Spanking Cassie

A Young Woman Learns The Consequences of Wearing Provocative Clothes and Coming Home Late.  Lots of Buildup to an Intense Domestic Spanking

Cassie snuck in to her parents’ house just after 3 a.m.  She crept up to her bedroom, slipped out of her clothes, and slid between the covers of her bed.  She was safe.  Her curfew was midnight and her parents were very strict.  She was already 18 and starting college in the fall, but her parents said “our house, our rules.”  Even though she was technically an adult, they still treated her like a child.  She hated that.  She knew what would happen if she got caught sneaking in past curfew again, but it didn’t matter.  They hadn’t caught her coming in late.  She drifted off to sleep.
Next morning she woke up around 9 and went down to get some breakfast.  Her parents were early risers; but they let her sleep in on Saturdays.  While she was making coffee, she heard her mother doing laundry in the other room.  Her father was in the family room doing a crossword puzzle with the TV on in the background, and barely looked up when she came in with her coffee and cereal. 
Still not looking up, “Your mom and I went to bed at 10.  What time did you come in last night sweetie?  If he knew that she’d come in, Cassie was positive that he’d have said something.
“Oh, a few minutes after midnight.  Sorry I was late, but Sam had to get gas before she dropped me off.”  She knew that admitting a little bit of fault would deflect suspicion.  Again, he barely looked up.  She was mentally crossing her fingers.

About Me

Welcome to the Seattle Spanker's blog.  I'm a guy living in Seattle who has been into spanking his whole life.  I prefer to top (M/f) but I'll bottom with the right person.  Right now I don't have a spanking partner.  I'm very new to Seattle and haven't met the right person yet.  I'm a white collar professional, but my job gives me time to enjoy this side of my life too.

The purpose of this blog is for me to share my spanking stories with you.  I've got a couple of long stories already written, and I'm working on some shorter ones too.  If I'm not writing a spanking story, then I'm thinking up a new spanking story.  This is also a place where I can discuss my thoughts on spanking; and hopefully, hear your comments and ideas.

As a top, I like relationship based spanking play.  I don't spank to see how hard I can hit someone's bottom.  I like to spank because of the relationship it creates between the top and the bottom.  You'll notice that my stories often involve a compassionate aspect, where the spanker is doing it to help the spankee.

 I usually write domestic or educational scenes into my story, where the spanker genuinely wants to keep the spankee from making future mistakes.  I don't write age play, all of my characters are over 18; because, I don't like the element of non-consent. My characters always have the implicit choice to walk out, but it's in their best interests to take the spanking and learn their lesson. I also like to explore the psychological elements of a spanking whether it is Parent/child, Teacher/student, Husband/wife, etc.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!