Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Wrong Outfit: Spanking Cassie

A Young Woman Learns The Consequences of Wearing Provocative Clothes and Coming Home Late.  Lots of Buildup to an Intense Domestic Spanking

Cassie snuck in to her parents’ house just after 3 a.m.  She crept up to her bedroom, slipped out of her clothes, and slid between the covers of her bed.  She was safe.  Her curfew was midnight and her parents were very strict.  She was already 18 and starting college in the fall, but her parents said “our house, our rules.”  Even though she was technically an adult, they still treated her like a child.  She hated that.  She knew what would happen if she got caught sneaking in past curfew again, but it didn’t matter.  They hadn’t caught her coming in late.  She drifted off to sleep.
Next morning she woke up around 9 and went down to get some breakfast.  Her parents were early risers; but they let her sleep in on Saturdays.  While she was making coffee, she heard her mother doing laundry in the other room.  Her father was in the family room doing a crossword puzzle with the TV on in the background, and barely looked up when she came in with her coffee and cereal. 
Still not looking up, “Your mom and I went to bed at 10.  What time did you come in last night sweetie?  If he knew that she’d come in, Cassie was positive that he’d have said something.
“Oh, a few minutes after midnight.  Sorry I was late, but Sam had to get gas before she dropped me off.”  She knew that admitting a little bit of fault would deflect suspicion.  Again, he barely looked up.  She was mentally crossing her fingers.

“That’s fine Cassie.  A few minutes late doesn’t call for any punishment, this time.  Just be more careful in the future.”  He paused, “before I forget, your mother wants to take go the nursery to look at some shrubs.  She was hoping you could take a quick shower and go with her.” 
Cassie was safe.  Her parents didn’t know that she snuck in at 3 a.m.  She dashed upstairs and into the bathroom.  “Mom, just give me a few minutes and I’ll be ready.”  As she was showering she thought about the night before.  She could still feel Mike’s kisses.  She remembered sitting on his lap at the party; and then sneaking off to the back of the yard.  He’d felt her breasts through her top.  In the moment, her mind had focused on one thing and only one thing; her intense desire to go farther.  Then she’d guided his hand up her skirt under the waist band of her panties.  She could still feel his fingers gently rubbing her pussy, parting her lips, and diving into her.  It lasted until she couldn’t take it anymore; she saw his surprise as she came.  He whispered, “You got so wet.”  She only smiled and rubbed his erection through his jeans.  Then they heard one of their friends looking for them and returned to the party.  She stepped out of the shower, put on her robe, and went back to her room to get dressed.
Her heart stopped the moment she stepped into her room.  There, on the bed, was her outfit from the night before.  Not the outfit her parents saw her leave in, the outfit that she’d changed into at Carrie’s house.  On her bed lay a very short red skirt, a low cut red form fitting green top, a strapless bra with a lace trim, and a pair of silk panties with a butterfly across the back and a sheer lace front. 
“Why don’t you get dressed Cassandra?”  It wasn’t a question, it was a command.  Her mother stood behind her.  Cassie was frozen.  She couldn’t even turn around to her mother.  So her mother came to her, putting a hand on her shoulder, she threw a handful of assorted thongs and sheer panties onto the bed.  “I found last night’s outfit by the bed, when I came in for your laundry.  It wasn’t hard to find the others.”  Cassie drew in a deep breath, then made a gulping sound.  Before she could form a word, her mother told her not to say a thing, just to get dressed and be in the basement in five minutes.
Last night, her outfit was part of the ecstasy of being with Mike sexy but grown up.  Today, it felt like she was putting on a heavy weight.  She walked down two flights of stairs, from her bedroom to the basement.  Her hair was still wet.  Her outfit felt tired and worn, she could tell that she wasn’t wearing fresh panties. 
Her parents greeted her with stern looks.  It was a walkout basement, and the sun shone through the sliding glass doors.  It should have been a cheery room, but it was not.  Her father had gotten the spanking bench from the storeroom and with it a rack of instruments: heavy wooden paddles, lighter leather covered paddles, canes of varying length and thickness, straps, a ruler and a yardstick, a flogger, and finally restraints. 
The spanking bench was designed to place her in any spanking position her parents chose.  It was long enough, and just wide enough, for her to either lay on it flat or crouch with her bottom in the air.  She could also be bent over the leather top while standing.  Her father had even built an attachment that fitted to the side so that she could kneel and rest her elbows on the padded top.  There were rings at various places for restraints.  Finally, there was an antique leather covered chair that her parents used for over the knee spankings.
Cassie blurted out, “but you said that it was okay that I came in a few minutes late.”  As soon as she said it, she knew it was a mistake.  Her parents had to know when she came in, besides her mother had found out about her banned outfits.
Her father, in a flat almost solemn tone, replied “we heard you come in, but neither of us wanted to give you a spanking at 3 in the morning.  Besides, I gave you a chance to fess up, but you chose to lie.  I’m going to punish you for coming in late and lying about it.”
Then her mother stepped added, “And I am going to punish you for wearing those clothes.  You know perfectly well that you are to dress modestly while you live in this house.  Now I find out that you’re dressing like a little whore in a skirt so short that I can almost see your cheeks, a top and strapless bra that barely cover your breasts, and panties that are cut far too low, and show off your vagina.  I remember that you begged us and begged us to allow you to wear bikini panties instead of briefs.  Now look at you.”  The anger mixed with disappointment was all too evident in her voice.
Her father motioned her to come over to them.  “You’ve disappointed both of us.  I am going to spank you over my knee, then you will kneel on the bench for a paddling.  Once I am done, your mother will decide what she wants to do with you.  Do you have anything to say before we begin?”
Cassie could feel herself about to cry, her chest was tight, and the tears were welling up in her eyes.  “Please, please, I’m sorry.  I wasn’t thinking.  I’m a grownup.  I don’t want to be punished like a kid anymore.  It won’t happen again.  I’ll show you where I hide all of my banned clothes, you can throw them away.”  She began to talk faster.  “I’ll be perfect; I won’t go out at night anymore.  It was just this one time, a party at Carrie’s.” 
Her parents didn’t say a word.  Grim faced, her father grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her to the leather chair.  As he sat down, he pulled her across his lap in a single motion.  Cassie’s wet hair fell around her face.  She braced her hands against the floor, “please don’t” she begged. 
Her father still didn’t say a word; her mother only said “you earned it.”  Cassie turned her head towards her mother, but her face was like stone.  Cassie didn’t think she had seen her mother this mad before. 
Then, before she realized what was happening, she felt her father lift her skirt.  She unconsciously squeezed her cheeks together.  Her father began to rub her bottom.  “Unclench; you know it will hurt less.”  Try as she might, she couldn’t.  “Fine.”  He began lightly swatting her behind, just skimming the surface of her panties with his hand.  It was just a warm-up.  Her clenched cheeks were as tight as a drum, his hand bounced off them.  This went on for a few seconds.  “I will start with my hand, but then you will receive twenty with the paddle.” 
The first spank came down hard and fast.  Cassie yelped and jerked her body as his hand bounced off her tightly clench bottom.  Her cheeks quickly unclenched.  Each spank landed hard, so that she felt it throughout her bottom.  She felt the fabric of her panties rub against each cheek as the spanks landed one after the other.  She felt the blood rushing to her head, she felt each impact of his hand, and then she realized he was counting out loud.  When he reached ten, her father stopped and told her to lift up her hips.
“No, no don’t, Cassie cried, “you can’t see me bare, it’s so embarrassing, let mom do it.”  She reach back to cover her bottom with one hand.  But she only felt his hand grab her wrist.
His fingers closed over her wrist like a vice.  “We’ve done this before.  You know that if you break the rules, you get punished.  Now lift up your hips.”  Cassie didn’t move.  She didn’t know what came over her, just that she did not want to be punished.  She began to sob.  Her father stood up, pulling her with him.  “You know that you don’t have to live with our rules.  But if you choose not to, you have to be ready to support yourself.  Now you’ve broken curfew, dressed inappropriately, and resisted punishment.  Are you ready to take your punishment, or should you start looking for a job and a place to stay for the summer?”
She looked at him and then at her mother.  “I’m ready to take my punishment.”  Her father nodded at her mother.  Cassie watched her go over to the punishment rack and select a pair of restraints.  Silently, she took her daughter’s hands and buckled the padded leather restraints; then clipped them together to form handcuffs.  Her father watched as his wife, pulled Cassie forward, removed a picture from the wall to reveal a ring embedded in the wall.  Taking a loop of cord off her shoulder, she tied Cassie so that she could move her arms enough to brace against the wall.
Her mother, still wordlessly, positioned Cassie in front of the wall and unzipped the back of her skirt.  Cassie bit her lip as the skirt fell around her ankles.  Then her mother took grasped her about the hips, and yanked her panties down.  Cassie felt the air on her burning bottom. 
She felt a tugging on her shirt and heard the snip of scissors, before she realized that her mother was cutting it off of her.  “You aren’t allowed to go out with bare shoulders, so you won’t need these anymore.  Spread your legs slightly and lean against the wall.”  It was the first thing her mother had said the entire time she was being punished. 
Her shirt and bra, both cut up the back, lay at her feet with her skirt and panties.  Now she was completely nude.  With her feet apart, she knew that her parents could see the outline of her pussy.  Leaning forward, she felt her wet brown hair around her neck.  Her face felt puffy from crying.  Looking down she studied her breasts, trying to take her mind off the punishment.  She remembered how it felt when Mike rubbed them through her shirt, how her nipples became taut with arousal.  Her breasts had grown into a womanly fullness.  She had been a pole vaulter in high school, and her body was tight and toned; but even though she ran track, her ass was round and full. 
Her father placed his left hand on her stomach to steady her, and with his right he began to spank her with a small wood paddle.  It made a dull smack, each time it landed on her bottom.  Her cheeks quivered from the impact.  The smacks started slowly, but built to a faster and faster pace.  She winced, she tried to wiggle away, but her father’s firm hand held her in place.  Then he stopped.  “That’s 20.  Now for the last 20.” 
She looked over her shoulder; her father was holding a narrow leather strap.  He wrapped one end around his hand.  Cassie pushed against the wall, bracing herself, lowered her head, closed her eyes, and waited.  Nothing for a few moments, she felt the sting at the same instant she heard the sharp crack against her buttocks.  The strap was long enough that it struck both cheeks.  He varied it, sometimes striking both cheeks with a sting, then just strapping one cheek so that the tip smacked her with a biting sting.  She hated that strap.  He father could make it curl around her ass so that the end stung the side of one cheek, as the rest came down on her backside.  She curled her toes, she clenched her eyes, but she would not cry out.  Then it was over. 
Her mother came over and unhooked her from the wall.  With one hand between Cassie’s shoulders, her mother marched her to the spanking bench.  “You will be punished bent over the bench, with your legs spread wide.”  Cassie felt the cool leather against her torso as she bent over.  Her mother took each restraint and clipped it so that Cassie could only raise her chest a few inches off the padded bench.  Then her mother buckled padded leather restraints to each ankle.  “Spread your legs.”
“Mom, please, you and Dad will see everything.”  She twisted her head back and looked at her mother, begging with her eyes. 
Her mother stepped around the bench slowly and gracefully so that she could look her in the eyes as she spoke.  “Cassandra, I know why you dressed like that and I know what you did.  I was your age once, and I got into trouble with boys.  I was wild when I met your father, but he loved me and taught me how to behave.  I was using smoking marijuana, I had dropped out of college, and I had a string of boyfriends.”  She paused and collected her thoughts, “I was lucky to meet your father.  We love each other, and he gave me the discipline that I’d never had, but that I needed.  I don’t want you to make the mistakes I did.  Your father never wanted to punish you like this, but I told him that we had to.  Better for you to learn now when you’re young, than wait until your older.  Do you understand?”  Cassie looked up at her mother.  She had never heard any of this before.
Her mother seemed different in Cassie’s eyes.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her father on the leather chair watching them.  “Cassandra, I am going to cane you.  I will mark your buttocks and the tops of legs.  This will help you remember not to wear short skirts.  You are grounded until the welts are gone.  This will hurt more than any spanking before, but I want you to learn this lesson before you leave for college.  Do you understand all of this?”  Cassie whispered that she did.
Now her legs were spread and held into place.  She could feel how exposed she was.  She had shaved herself and now the stubble was not enough to hide the outlines of her lips from her parents.  She remembered that her mother had always frowned on her shaving more than just her bikini line.  Now she understood how exposed it made her.  She could hear the canes rattle against each other as her mother sorted through them. 
She had never been caned before.  Just the threat of canings and seeing them on the spanking rack had been enough to scare her into better behavior.  Now she felt her mother tap her with a cane, lining up the cane against her daughter’s helpless bottom.  The cane felt so thick against her skin.  As her mother tapped her bottom, she ran the edge of the cane along Cassie’s bright red cheeks.  Cassie’s heart was pounding, it felt like forever.  “This will leave welts, but it will not break the skin.”
SNAP.  The first stroke felt like it cut her ass open.  It landed right in the center of her ass.  She puckered her mouth, took a deep breath, and then SNAP.  The second stroke came right on top of the first.  She felt her cheeks quiver.  It burned and stung.  Again and again, she felt the strokes.  She began to keep time in her head and winced before each stroke landed.  “Stop clenching, you’re only making it worse.” 
Then three quick strokes that caught he by surprise.  She yelped and pulled against the restraints.  She was breathing hard.  She felt the sweat all over her body.  There was a deep stinging feeling that consumed her buttocks.  It felt like her skin was drawing tight across her bottom.  Then she heard her mother select another cane.
This time it whistled as it came down on the backs of her legs.  Cassie writhed.  Then it whistled again, and again it struck the back of her legs, just at the base of her buttocks.  The stinging was awful.  Then again, another whistle and another bite.  Now her mother was tapping her red swollen buttocks with the cane; but harder than before, each time it stung so much.  She tried to dance away from the cane, until her mother placed a hand across her back and said, “Stop moving, or I’ll ask your father to leave and you’ll learn what it’s like to be caned with a nice wide plug in your rear.”  Cassie didn’t know what that meant, but she relaxed her body.
The caning began again.  The soft flesh at the back of her legs began to burn.  Her ass began to burn even more.  SNAP . . . SNAP . . . SNAP.  The cane was unceasing.  She was sobbing out loud.  Her mother counted out loud, “20,” and it stung so much; “21, 22,” Cassie couldn’t take it anymore.  She cried out for her mother to stop.  She turned her head to look at her father, but he only watched the punishment.  “23, 24,” she silently swore that she’d never misbehave again, and “25.”  It stopped.  “You’re done.” 
Her mother undid the restraints.  Cassie stood up and reached behind her and felt the welts from the cane.  Her mother walked her over to the mirror so that she could see her backside.  It was terrible.  Her buttocks were a deep angry red.  The tops of her legs were pink like a sun burn.  She could see the welts crisscrossing both.  She knew that it would be a long time before she could wear a swimming suit in public. 
Then her father brought her summer bathrobe.  The light cotton felt cool against her skin.  He hugged her and kissed her on the top of her head.  “I’m sorry that we had to do this.  We both love you very much.” 
“Sweetie, let’s go upstairs and I’ll put some cream on that.”  Her mother didn’t sound angry anymore, but just like she usually did.  She lay face down on her bed.  Her mother folded her robe up, exposing Cassie’s punished bottom.  This time she didn’t care.  While her mother cool soothing lotion into her red skin, Cassie felt the warmth of being cared for. 
“Mom, all that stuff you said down there about before you met Dad.  I never heard that before.  Was it all true?” 
“Yes it was Cassandra.  It worries me to death to think that you might repeat my mistakes.” 
“I’ll really try.  I won’t go out like that ever again.  Mom, did Dad spank you too?”
“We’ll talk about that some other time, when we have some time to ourselves.  Now, would you like to take some time to get yourself together and come to the nursery with me?  I don’t know what to get for the front yard.”

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