Thursday, August 11, 2011

Before the Ball (A Story With Pictures)

A shorter story inspired by a picture I found online.

A Reminder That Nice Girls Don't Get Drunk at Parties
Tara was rushing around the house.  She and her husband, Tom, were going to a black tie benefit for the local theater.  She had to finish her makeup, find her earrings, and get out the door in ten minutes.  Tom was already dressed and waiting downstairs in the living room.  This was a big deal for Tom, because his family was sponsoring the benefit.

Finally, she was ready and went downstairs.  She was wearing a dark blue evening gown and heels purchased just for the occasion.  Tom was waiting for her in his tux, cut to emphasize his broad shoulders and powerful chest.  He was 12 years older than Tara.  They met when she was 20 years old and still in college.  She saw him for the first time at a homecoming event; they were were six months later.  Now she was 22 and they had been married for a year and a half.

Tom was very traditional.  She loved this about him, but it also meant that he had very specific expectations for her.  Before their wedding he had explained domestic discipline to her and asked if she consented to being subject to his discipline.  She had thought about it for some time, but deep down she knew it was right.  Her first spanking came on their wedding night.  She hadn't done anything, yet, instead it was her introduction to loving discipline through spanking.  It was her first, but not her last, spanking.

Tom greeted her with a kiss.  She smiled and said playfully, "don't mess up my lipstick."  He kissed her again and told her that she looked beautiful as always.  She still blushed a little when he told her that kind of thing.  "I need to get my coat," she said.

"That can wait a minute," Tom replied.

"But we'll be late."  She turned towards the closet, "I'll get yours too, it's too cold for you to just wear the tux jacket."  He put his hand on her upper arm and pulled her back to him.  This made her nervous, it felt like she was about to be disciplined; but she hadn't done anything wrong.

"Do you remember the benefit last year, when you had too much to drink and embarrassed me?"  Of course she remembered it, she felt so sorry afterwards and was given quite the spanking the next day.

  "But you already punished me for that," she replied meekly.  It had been the low point of their relationship, she had made a public fool of herself and of Tom.  He had given her the longest spanking of her life for that; the discipline had lasted all day.  She couldn't got to the spa for a month after it either.

"I'm giving you a little reminder that you shouldn't drink too much tonight."  He led her into the living room and sat on the ottoman.  "Your dress is too tight to pull up, take it off."  She only hesitated for a second, but then undid the back, wiggled out of it, and carefully laid it on the sofa with her slip.  She was wearing stockings with a garter belt and a red thong.

"You don't have to take your underwear off.  This will be a quick spanking"  He guided her across his lap, so that her bottom was perfectly positioned for the spanking.
It Looked Just Like This
He massaged her bottom for a moment, then gave her a few warm-up spanks.  Her was gently spanking her, letting his hand find the sweet spot on her upturned rump.  She was bracing herself with her hands, waiting for the first real spank.  Silently, she hoped that it was just a hand spanking.

After a few more moments of gentle massage and warm-up spanks, he began in earnest.  At first the spanks alternated from one cheek to another.  It had a rhythm to it, left, right, left.  At first it stung.  She clenched her face with each sting, slowly her whole ass began to feel warm and the sting turned into a dull ache.  She had counted fifteen swats.  

He paused, rubbed her bottom, and remarked that her bottom was pink and warm to the touch.  Was he done?  This wasn't too bad.  But he wasn't.  Now the spanks came quickly.  Instead of alternating cheeks he gave her five fast swats on her left cheek.  He watched as the soft flesh of her ass cheek compressed and quivered under each stroke of his hand.  Now the stinging was unbearable.  The fire in her left cheek spread.  Unconsciously, she began to shift her feet.  He pressed his free hand into the small of her back.  She knew not to wiggle anymore.

Now five strokes feel on her right cheek.  Tara bit her lip.  Her whole bottom was burning now.  It was unbearable, then five strokes on her left again.  Tom was silent, intent on correcting her behavior.  She did her best not to cry.  Even while she was being spanked, she didn't want to streak her makeup with tears.  Then five more on her right cheek.  Her bottom ached and burned at the same time.  

Then it was over.   A wave of relief passed over her.  Tom was massaging her bottom again.  "You did very well, I'm proud of you," he said.  "I put a glass of water out for you."  He helped her up.  The water felt good,  a spanking always made her throat feel parched.  While she was standing there, he reached picked up a tube of aloe lotion.  "Lean forward a little bit, while I put this on.  It will help with the sting."

He never spanked to hurt her, but only to correct her.  After the punishment was done, Tom always soothed her, and rubbed lotion into her blistered bottom.  He could tell when she needed to be held and soothed, especially after a long session.  Once he was done with the lotion, he wrapped an arm around her waist and whispered into her ear, "I love you very much."  She smiled at him and said, "I love you too.  I'm fine, let me get my clothes on and check myself in the mirror."  

Tara quickly got dressed, refreshed her makeup, and stiffly walked out to the car.  She only had two drinks that night.

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