Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spanking and Ginger - The Fine and Applied Art of Figging

Figging, it's something I've never tried but that has always intrigued me.

Two of my favorite spanking stories of all time, involve a ginger suppository.  The first is from Laura's spanking corner and is entitled The Prom.  The second is by Master Chris is about lovely Jennifer who finds herself spanked for smoking.

Each feature a young lady who finds herself panties down for a spanking, but before the fun begins when a ginger suppository is inserted deep into her rectum.  In effect, her bottom will be burning from the inside and the out.

In the first story, The Prom, it's basically figging.  The only difference is that instead of making a ginger butt plug, the ginger root is wrapped with string and then inserted all the way into our heroine's bottom.  This seems somewhat dangerous, as ginger root is not all that strong.  It seems like the string would pull the ginger in two as it was being pulled back out.  This also seems to be the problem with figging, i.e. the post spanking trip to the ER for ginger removal.  Figging, or tying a string to it and shoving it all the way up there, seem like a recipe for disaster.

Turning to the second story, spanked for smoking, it's actually gelatin capsule filled with ginger.  I'd prefer this to figging.  Whenever you stuck something hard up someone's ass, there's a chance that you won't get it back.  This is because the anal sphincter's muscle tension is directed slightly inward, basically to make a good seal.  Anything that goes up someone's butt should have a flanged base, like a butt plug, otherwise an ER doctor will be retrieving that dildo.

This may just be my preference, but I don't want something sticking out of a spankee's bottom.  I don't want to have to spank around something.  I worry that if I hit the ginger fig by accident, it would either break off or go all the way in.

Besides, it seems like you would get a nice deep burn with a ginger capsule.  Just imagine your darling's upturned bottom across your lap, you slip on a glove, make sure she hears the snap, then get plenty of lube to get it in and to help it dissolve, and slide the capsule deep inside her.  It's deep enough when the index finger is in past the second knuckle.  While you are warming her bottom up with rubbing and starter spanks, the capsule will be dissolving.  In a minute or two, you'll start to see the effects.


  1. The sum total of the one time I've used ginger I combined it with the birch switch, used rather lightly for about ten minutes after insertion. It's my experience the burn doesn't last longer than about twenty minutes. And, I would say that it seems to be generally a light burn rather than the out-of-body experience the hype might suggest.

    The switch meant that I didn't have to worry about hitting the end of it too hard.

    The report was that the prospect of having this done was a lot more scary than the actual results. Which, I think, was just fine.